Why bother with the music being live?

When a musician steps on a stage, they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Having spent considerable hours of my life attending live music shows around Perth, Western Australia, I can certainly attest to how a group of live musicians can significantly enhance the atmosphere of a room. In preparation for writing this, I have been reading online article debates over whether to hire a ‘DJ or band’ for a wedding, which then led me onto a string of (slightly more offensive for DJs) ‘DJ or iPod’ articles. I don’t want to get into an aggressive debate of this versus that, or why you, the internet user, are better off choosing one over the other. I will, however, share my own perspective as a performer.

When a musician steps on a stage, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is because a musician will play according to the energy of its audience. It doesn’t matter that they have played Blame It On The Boogie a hundred million times prior; the song is varied every time because every event space holds a different temperament.

Just recently, our singer Nicola, and guitarist Jack performed as a duo at a wedding. They later told us they performed Valerie three times at the one gig, out of popular request. Did the crowd feel gypped? Did they notice? Not really. Each attempt at the song was so amazingly different. By the third attempt, when guests were truly loose and cheerful, Nicola and Jack were going for reharmonized vocal lines over completely odd sections of the song. Actually, anything can happen, and that is possibly the most exciting part of it. Because a live music experience will have the performer feed off the energy of the crowd and, in turn, have the crowd feed off the performers, until you get this upward spiral of vitality.

Rachel Farag
Bass & Acoustic Guitarist


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