Creativity and wedding bells

I am in the process now of planning my own wedding. Over the past year, I have been knee-deep in Pinterest boards and ongoing emails to prospective vendors, discerning which ones ‘get’ me, and which ones will just provide the same-old things you see at every wedding. I am also the bass and acoustic guitarist and the person who tends to respond to your emails whenever Eclipse booking enquiries come in.

My name is Rachel. Creatively speaking, I grew up playing music, drawing, painting and cutting things up. I inevitably went to study both music performance and design (graphic, photography) later in university. I am insanely drawn to people who I feel are trying to push their creative limits. This is also the kind of untamed energy that I look for in my own wedding vendors. If they aren’t heavily breathing in excitement about personalised table settings, are they even worth it?

We have been running Eclipse now for over a year now, which has brought us plenty of fun times, regional gig trips and themed shows. This little endeavour was borne out of a common vision between four musicians (including my fiancé) that wanted an outlet to explore musical creativity through constantly changing atmospheres and events. With the launch of our new website, and community blog and newsletter, my mind is exploding with excitement.

Eclipse Acoustic Duo

Our wedding bells are scheduled to be rung this November, so wish us luck.

Rachel Farag
Bass & Acoustic Guitarist


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