Putting On A Show

This is through the freedom we each have to express ourselves fully.

Isn’t it great when a live band actually looks like they’re enjoying themselves? I can’t tell you how irritating and awkward it makes me feel – I would guess for most people, for that matter – when you’re sitting in the audience listening to some live music and the musicians look like they’d rather be at home sleeping, eating, jamming, or all of the above.

Throughout my performing career, it has always been made very clear that if you are enjoying yourself and the music you’re providing, then the audience will enjoy the experience equally. This idea of enjoyment whilst providing is made very easy when I perform with Eclipse; this is through the freedom we each have to express ourselves fully.

For me, that means dancing erratically to my heart’s content – whilst trying to remember when to sing and not get too carried away. Our crazy talented drummer Nathan gets to slam out some ripper solos alongside our guitarist Jack, who on occasion has been known to melt a face or two. And then we have our cool and saucy bassist, Rachel, who’s smooth and groovy bass lines could get anyone dancing.

This vast cocktail of muso juice makes for a cracker of a night and an amazing experience for everyone involved. To be on stage having a blast and soaking in the music, having the opportunity to connect with the audience by providing them with a place to let go and truly enjoy themselves, is one of the reasons why myself and the Eclipse band love performing so much.

To put on a show worthy of remembrance is not something that only I am striving for, but together as a group we continually aim to provide a fun, exciting and worthwhile experience – all originating from our passion and joy for performing.

Hopefully myself, with Eclipse, can put on a show for you in future, But until then, peace!


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