A story of an Irish drummer

Hello, fellow music lovers! Let me introduce myself properly – my name is Nathan and I play the drums for Eclipse.

My adventure into the wide world of music began as a wee young lad in my home country, Ireland. I grew up in a little town called Limerick (please don’t ask me to recite you one, I am a drummer, not a poet). Growing up in Limerick was fun. I did all the things you would imagine a young Irish fella doing – I drank a lot of Guinness, got into a lot of fights (while playing Gaelic football, ha bloody ha) and ate my fair share of potatoes. You know, normal Irish activities. One day, at my local church, I saw a drummer play in the band, and he totally captured my attention. After seeing this drummer play, I asked my parents to buy me a drum kit. From that point on, my neighbours loathed the sight of me.

Shortly after that, to the delight of the local community (no more having to listen to me trying to attempt to play Slayer drum beats), we moved here, to sunny Perth. “Wow”, I thought. “A whole new neighbourhood to infuriate ­­– and they have strange accents too, cool”. You know, I still find it quite difficult to distinguish whether or not an Australian is making a statement or asking a question.

After high school, I decided to take drumming seriously, and study it formally. I got accepted into the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. There I learnt how to hold my drumsticks properly and play all of these exotic techniques that I had never heard of before like Paradiddle-diddles and Triple Ratamacues (I kid you not, they are actually called that). After the tears had dried, I finally had my Performing Arts degree. “Yes”, I thought to myself, “I am a real drummer now”. That is what you are getting for your events, by the way, a “real” drummer. After all, you haven’t really experienced Valerie without a Triple Ratamacue in the drum part.

After my time at WAAPA, playing in various local bands and touring, my fiancé Rachel and I formed Eclipse with our good friends Nicola and, later, Jack. Since then, we have been on a fantastic adventure creating great vibes for our local Perth clients.

Until the next time, have a good one!

Nathan O’Brien


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