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Putting On A Show
Nicola Murdoch-Cooke | 30 September

This is through the freedom we each have to express ourselves fully. Isn’t it great when a live band actually

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Eclipse live music set up
The silent conversation between musicians and their audience
Bec Farag | 19 September
The challenge of the musician becomes an awareness of such a phenomenon so that they can harness this energy being exchanged.
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Mic the drum kit
The fun in improvisation
Nathan O'Brien | 16 September
Clapping on 1 and 3? No music for you! Why is cover music so fun to perform? Improvisation. We have
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My journey as a singer
Nicola Murdoch-Cooke | 4 September
I sang, danced and acted my heart away, all the way from years eight to twelve. My stage debut was
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singer live performance
Why bother with the music being live?
Rachel Farag | 9 August
When a musician steps on a stage, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Having spent considerable hours of my
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Eclipse drummer Nathan
A story of an Irish drummer
Nathan O'Brien | 8 August
Hello, fellow music lovers! Let me introduce myself properly – my name is Nathan and I play the drums for
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Eclipse Perth band portrait
Welcome to the Eclipse community
Nathan O'Brien | 8 August
Hello, fellow music lovers! Welcome to our brand-new website. Here you will find a diverse array of information about the
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